mentulam caco

everyone who I follow from high school is reminiscing about prom

and basically the only thing I’m reminiscing about is the height of my adderall addiction, the awkward dissolve of a codependent relationship I never really wanted to be in, and growing feelings of disconnection between my high school friends and I.

seriously I can’t tell if this time of year is horrible or tends to change me for the better.

tbh I think a big reason I’ve felt uncomfortable at my current weight is because of the size of my breasts. I’ve hated them since I was a kid. I hated how much attention I got for them. I hated how I felt like I was a prisoner in my own body. I hated the verbal abuse I would get from my mother because I couldn’t find a shirt that didn’t flaunt them. I am not so comfortable with the whole female presentation.

I was a small C/large B cup at one point in my life and that was the most comfortable I ever felt even though I still wish my boobs would go away??

wondering if anyone can erase my brain

telling my parents that I’m taking summer classes so I can graduate early but honestly I just want student loan money

I honestly don’t care if you’re vegan. personally I prefer to eat vegan food because of my stomach issues/lactose intolerance when I can afford it. but when you necessitate veganism as a social norm (as it is often done in radical or punk spaces) or assign a vegan diet some type of dignity or moral superiority, I consider that pretty problematic. I don’t see how that is different than an authoritarian assigning moral value to lawful behavior or a priest assigning value to abstinence and constant repentance

how about instead of making people feel guilty for eating meat or totally forgetting that veganism is only accessible to the people who can afford it, we aim to destroy capitalism and civilization itself?

I identify strongly with the labels “ex-queer” and “ex-vegan”

update on cool life things: a friend of mine is giving me a free queen sized futon with a mattress which means I’ll have a place to sleep if I move out!!

sending out emails for apartments, have a job interview on monday, just bought all my textbooks, found I got straight A’s last quarter. wow am I actually getting my life together??

acid is a cool drug

hmu if you want to dismember my body in front of a live audience