mentulam caco

I went to a shooting for a riff raff music video last night. my friend puck knew the dude recruiting punks to be in the video so I got to be in a few shots that only featured like 10-15 people. hopefully my face makes it in the video and I become a superstar

funniest thing I’ve done in a while tbh

everyone I meet seems to think I’m like 23/24/25 and idk whether to feel complimented or insulted since I’m 19 lol

pizza makes me throw up every time I eat it almost yet I’ve ordered a pizza two nights in a row. lol kms

sirenscoo just asked me to invest in a rental with her and I am excited because my goal in life is to be a bourgeois piece of shit aka make money without doing ANY work

sirenscoo left a Milky Way on the table and not eating it is a strenuous exercise in self-control

my new babies that are coming in the mail soon

I have a bone jewelry obsession and IT NEEDS TO END bc I am going broke!!

can’t wait til my birthday cause my student loan money will be in and I don’t feel like doing anything until my next months rent is paid. ugh ugh I just want to feel secure/less nervous about buying food/paying for transport and I want to be able to pay off my new bike.

getting too drunk and stumbling at noise shows is my speciality

I have an interview tomorrow for a place called “pooch hotel”

I’d be working with 40-60 dogs a day