mentulam caco

I’m never eating weed chocolates again lol

anytime some fucking idiot tries to tell me shoplifting is wrong because “I only get away with it because I’m white” I want to set fire to like literally everything.

I got a job. also it’s my birthday

my roommate has left the sink covered in minced meat or some bullshit for DAYS and it looks like dirt. I am going to kms this is unbearable

so I went to a house show tonight and I guess one of the dudes playing collaborated with The Microphones/Mount Eerie and I’m rly stoked on him.

I love them

anytime I spend more than 10 minutes in Lincoln park I want to die

love this kidden!!
look at my new kitty!! more pics to come :)

made some shirataki noodles with stir fry sauce and they actually don’t taste like shit! gonna start putting veggies and chicken in these dishes and eat a hell of a lotta food for VERY little calories. excited!!