mentulam caco

sirenscoo left a Milky Way on the table and not eating it is a strenuous exercise in self-control

my new babies that are coming in the mail soon

I have a bone jewelry obsession and IT NEEDS TO END bc I am going broke!!

can’t wait til my birthday cause my student loan money will be in and I don’t feel like doing anything until my next months rent is paid. ugh ugh I just want to feel secure/less nervous about buying food/paying for transport and I want to be able to pay off my new bike.

getting too drunk and stumbling at noise shows is my speciality

I have an interview tomorrow for a place called “pooch hotel”

I’d be working with 40-60 dogs a day

I think the bed bugs might be back..I can’t afford a new treatment because the other exterminators robbed me…I can’t have sex because of a horrid uti…I haven’t been able to use my own toilet for a few days because it’s broken??

dear god I’m on my last breath.

I’ve already posted about this last night but I’m going to post about it again in more detail

within the past week I found out I was infested with bed bugs. my apartment complex has a contract with a specific exterminator. I did not know when the exterminators would be coming by since I didn’t contact them myself. however they did end up coming by and I remembered I had hidden a large sum of money in my room. I didn’t think they would risk losing their job over 400-500 dollars BUT when I came back the money was gone!! I have packed up everything and the money has not been seen. I am almost 99 percent positive the exterminators took it!

I have like 50 dollars in my bank account right now, I’m unemployed, and my parents aren’t really able to help me at this point. If you or anybody you know is willing to donate even a small amount of cash it would help me a lot :( I just moved into a new apartment, I have a ton of extra expenses related to that and I’m a bit concerned about the next few days. My paypal address is If you could help me out it’d mean the world :) not expecting all my money back but even 5 bucks can help me buy some food or some necessary household items.

I’m moving in with three other people on Sunday (possibly four) and this is the first time I am going to have roommates that aren’t my partner (sort of) and tbh I am really nervous about it I hope it goes ok!

I have a bed bug infestation