mentulam caco

in 12 days I’m gonna be moving into a new apartment. my rent is 250/month to live in one of my favorite areas and I’ll be living with my friends and my boyfriend and my summer classes will be done once I move in. can’t wait 4 this new beginning :) :)

I wish porn was still made like it was back in the 1970s and 1980s. all the dudes looked like my boyfriend and all the girls were hairy and had big labia?? wow!!

"I love your body, and not just the sex parts" uh thanks Wolfgang?

honestly bvddydwyer shows me he’s the best person ever even when’s he’s not around physically and that’s one of the many reasons I love that fucker

I’m deathly afraid of getting a C in a class lol nerd life

my obsessive paranoia is getting to me and I haven’t stopped feeling anxious for days and it’s about something I rationally don’t care about at all???

shoutout to my period being 16 days late, thanks for making me think I was pregnant despite negative tests

sometimes I read Deleuze and I cry because all of my negative feelings about sexuality and its monstrous representation in capitalism and as a spectacle make sense

my family got a new dog

even though the pride parade blatantly uses corporate sponsors, glorifies the police, and generally operates under a rly liberal premise

I remember being like 14/15? and living in a rly homophobic suburb and basically feeling like the pride parade was the only place I didn’t feel the crushing weight of heteronormativity

that being said, assimilation doesn’t necessitate liberation but I think I forget what it’s like to be 3x more horrified with my surroundings than I am now and I take that for granted sometimes