mentulam caco

I was supposed to be sent to a preschool in lawndale but instead I got sent to one in rogers park, which is about an hour and fifteen minute commute from where I live.

I was rly fuckin sad about it at first because I will have to wake up at like 6 am BUT I decided I’m going to bike to work instead of taking public transportation and my legs/body are gonna start looking good af

some kid who was prolly my age just got shot a couple houses down from me

I heard the gunshots

god fucking damnit

I really do have the best friends/boyfriend in the world, in all honestly I think I feel the way I do because of how little I get to see them lately and feel that sense of genuine reinforcement.

I visited someone today and they made a visible effort to appreciate my company, and made me feel like they actually wanted me around

and it just made me more sad cause I haven’t felt that way in a long time, and I feel like nobody makes an effort to acknowledge my existence anymore

and it makes me sad

really wish awful things would stop happening

lol rent is due on Tuesday and I’m going to die

currently pooping in my childhood home. it is v nice

love when people describe me as “angsty” cause yanno having a mood disorder is just a moody teenage thing ha ha ha

biking has changed my life for the better. I’m actually surprised I PREFER biking over being lazy and taking public transportation bc I am a very lazy person. I love having to stretch everyday and feeling my muscles strengthen

everytime I am not around Wolfgang I just think about how much I miss him. I wonder if this homie is ever gonna know how much I love his ass and how much it grows everyday. prolly not. fucker.