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Atrax Morgue - Black Slaughter (Reprise)

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Death Grips - Have a Sad Cum

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Institute - Success

one of the best around right now

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I’m gonna walk to a place that is not my home
I’m gonna skateboard ‘till I’ve broken every bone
I’m gonna say “Yes” when you say “No”
And when I’m dead it’ll read on my tombstone:
"Life is something to laugh about"

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it ain’t nothin to cut that bitch off

don’t wanna cut off my bae anytime soon (or ever) but this song fuqqin rules.

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Tigers Jaw // Spirit Desire

It still feels new when I talk to you
I feel reborn when the sun gets warm
It’s hard but I feel better when I’m not inside
I get scared you’ll leave me soon
even though we call each other every afternoon
It’s true
It took a little time but I know you

I’m not bored at all
You can call me when you want to call;
I know that you will always be the one who’s my…

Spirit desire. Spend my time
Tell me that you’re always going to be my life

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Rudimentary Peni - Teenage Time Killer

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