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Wtf is this shit? Where’s Pepsi? :-(


hanatarash performing and destroying the venue with a bulldozer.

Crime belongs to the concept “revolt against the social order.” One does not “punish” a rebel; one suppresses him. A rebel can be a miserable and contemptible man; but there is nothing contemptible in a revolt as such—and to be a rebel in view of contemporary society does not in itself lower the value of a man. There are even cases in which one might have to honor a rebel, because he finds something in our society against which war ought to be waged—he awakens us from our slumber.
—Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §740 (via armed-joy)

by mtvflourides

Centipede exploding from the belly of a snake


Emperor X - Allahu Akbar

Send us rain give us rain give us rain give us rain give us rain give us rain send us water 

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